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The total number of servers in the ranking 676, are 82 online. Users - 699, reviews - 103. Now online 3 visitors.
# Genre
#1 RPG Brasil Play Games [Atualiza 38/450
#2 Race AdrenalineX Racing(RACE) since 2008 0/64
#3 Drift DriftGodZ - Real Life Drift 0/100
#4 RPG [ENG] Valrise RPG [Birthday Month] 14/250
#5 RP [ENG] Welcome to Los Santos 3 - GTA-MP.CZ 61/300
#6 RP .: uL | 42O DayZ [Survival] [Zombies] :. 0/200
#7 Survival BTTDM Zombie Survival 43/100
#8 DM GTA Torcidas [PC/Android | VOIP ON] 10/496
#9 RPG GreenStone Romania - Acces doar de pe launcher! 36/250
#10 Stunt Romania eXtreme Stunt - Stay with us! 0/100
#11 RPG Rede Paradox RPG (Servidor 2) [Android/PC] 18/397
#12 Stunt Underground Stunt World 24/7 0/150
#13 RPG Rede Paradox RPG (Servidor 1) [Android/PC] 37/397
#14 RP Plan B: Protect The President 1/96
#15 Drift [BG] Drift Power [0.3.7] 0/50
#16 RP Name not available 0/150
#17 TDM Call of Duty Modern War 3 [PUBG DM TDM EVENTS] 12/200
#18 RP - Genuine Role Play 12/300
#19 Stunt Romania Stunt Zone - V.I.P Free [/BuyVip] 0/100
#20 RPG B-Zone RPG1 | Happy Children's Day! 227/1000
#21 RP [DEV] - {0.3.7-R2} Xtreme Paradise Stunters - O.o 0/200
#22 RP Dozdo Police Iran [Luxury GaminG] (0.3.7) 2/200
#23 RP Brasil Play Shox RPG (Servidor 2) [Android/PC] 135/801
#24 RP Indian Ocean Roleplay TM [PC/Android] [Voice] 0/100
#25 RPG German Nova-eSports NewLife | Version 1.4c 9/660

SAMP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which allows users to play with each other via the Internet or a local network.
Monitoring - service monitoring the situation on the SAMP servers (online, statistics, uptime, reviews, ratings, etc.).

Play GTA San Andreas over the network on your favorite servers!
Role Play [RP], Role Play [RPG], Death Math [TDM], Death Match [DM], RACE, DRIFT, STUNT, SURVIVAL.
The current versions of SAMP: 0.3.7-R2, 0.3z, 0.3x, 0.3e.

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The IP of this server is wrong, now the IP belongs to the main server of the B-Hood community
acidtv at 08:20

ShagVtec at 00:36

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Server keren
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Nice roleplay server in kerala
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Plan B: Protect The Presi..
Despite the clans, some of the best players in SA:MP are here. As president you can be chased by motorcycles, cars, planes, etc. while fending off ambushes on foot.
ElPresidente at 22:48

Hi. I think this server best
JosephKujo at 14:51