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The total number of servers in the ranking 242, are 51 online. Users - 177, reviews - 72. Now online 9 visitors.
# Genre
#1 Drift DriftGodZ - Real Life Drift 0/100
#2 RP .: uL | 42O DayZ [Survival] [Zombies] :. 0/200
#3 Stunt ~ STUNT | DRIFT | DM/TDM | PARTY | FUN ~ 0/60
#4 RP [BETA] Zombie Outbreak Roleplay [] 0/50
#5 RP Jogjagamers Reality Project 430/800
#6 RP Dozdo Police Iran (LuxuryGaming)[0.3.7] 0/100
#7 RP Vinewood SAMP RolePlay Server [0.3.7-R2] 0/100
#8 RPG [ENG] Valrise Roleplay 16/250
#9 Race Name not available 244/500
#10 RP Mini Games Server 0/50
#11 RP San Andreas Cops And Robbers (SACNR) 0/450
#12 RP Sevenry Roleplay 0/30
#13 RP [0.3.DL] Red County Roleplay | 3/251
#14 RP [UL-RP] New IP (2XP) 0/200
#15 RP GamerX 0.3.7 - Visit 1/479
#16 RP Dozdo Police Iran [Luxury GaminG] (0.3.7) 2/200
#17 RPG Skylark Cops and Robbers 8/36
#18 RP Plan B: Protect The President 5/96
#19 DM GTA Torcidas - [PC/Android] [VOIP Online] 279/998
#20 TDM Zombie Outbreak Team Deathmatch [] 0/50
#21 RP [HappyHour] [Giftbox] Sicilian Syndicates Roleplay 0/1000
#22 RPG B-Zone RPG1 307/1000
#23 RP Name not available 40/500
#24 Stunt SFSE 14/100
#25 RP Name not available 0/100

SAMP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which allows users to play with each other via the Internet or a local network.
Monitoring - service monitoring the situation on the SAMP servers (online, statistics, uptime, reviews, ratings, etc.).

Play GTA San Andreas over the network on your favorite servers!
Role Play [RP], Role Play [RPG], Death Math [TDM], Death Match [DM], RACE, DRIFT, STUNT, SURVIVAL.
The current versions of SAMP: 0.3.7-R2, 0.3z, 0.3x, 0.3e.

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San Andreas Cops And Robb..
cel mai prost server de samp din cocaina chiar daca nu e din romania
milsugi at 17:49

[BCP - RP ] Brasil Cidade..
Ban_samp at 21:50

Arizona Role Play | Limon..
топ дали лидерку
Makson9763163 at 20:57

[EN] Welcome to Los Santo..
Do you know what happened to this server? It's been offline for days, very sad, it's my favorite one :(
Pm7_the_best at 11:35

.: uL | 42O DayZ [Surviva..
Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it [a href=][/a]
RonaldTrume at 10:47

[EN] Welcome to Los Santo..
is the server stopped ???
ayoub ibis at 23:01

[ENG] Asiania RPG [Mobile..
The owner of the server doxes people he doesn't like with their IP and password, as they store your credientials in plaintext,If you want to play here make sure to use a VPN and don't visit their websites as they collect various data
Avoid this server at 18:22