1v1 BewZ Deathmatch Server (0.3.7) - SAMP Server

IP Address: dm.bewz.net:7777 Server Status: Online
Players: 0 / 32 Type: DM
Version: 0.3.7-R3 Language: English
Gamemode: Deathmatch | DM Weather: Warm
Players' record: 20 players Rating: 4 votes
Server site: www.bewz.net
Date added: 2022-06-19 21:19:05
Last update: 2023-09-29 23:10:17

Bonus to level Bonus to money Derby DeathMatch Drift Full RP Gang Wars Leaderships MiniGames Racing RolePlay RPG Stunt Survival Trucking Zombie (DayZ)

The Only Original Deathmatch Server
dm.bewz.net:7777 or

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    bratva User 19.06.2022 pm30 21:20

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[ENG] Sunset Roleplay
such a good server
Proxus at 19:04

Aspect007 at 09:21

[ENG] Sunset Roleplay
Best srver ever WOOOOO
Saifullah at 19:43

[ENG] Sunset Roleplay
They have very nice and helpful staff members, really liked how well they handled my report.
MatthewCarter at 18:37

[ENG] Sunset Roleplay
I love Sunset Roleplay!
Albatroz at 18:33

[ENG] Sunset Roleplay
Duplon at 01:29

IndoWhile Roleplay
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