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The total number of servers in the ranking 854, are 76 online. Users - 932, reviews - 119. Now online 13 visitors.
# Genre
#1 RPG [ENG] Valrise RPG [Est. 2017] 61/250
#2 Drift  DRIFT 20/44
#3 RPG Brasil Siga Bem Caminhoneiro | VIP GRATIS 7 DIAS 29/100
#4 RPG Brasil Play Games [ANDROID/PC] 101/450
#5 RP [ENG] Sunset Roleplay 68/200
#6 RP Republic Gaming - Freeroam/Roleplay [SA:MP Mobile] 2/25
#7 Race AdrenalineX Racing(RACE) since 2008 3/83
#8 Drift DriftGodZ - Real Life Drift 0/100
#9 RP [ENG] WTLS 3 - 2x more XP and RP! 110/300
#10 Survival BTTDM Zombie Survival (0.3.7) 46/100
#11 Race Adrenaline Racing Plus [RACE] 0/30
#12 RP .: uL | 42O DayZ [Survival] [Zombies] :. 0/200
#13 RP [ICN] Irish Crime Network [v0.1] 0/500
#14 Stunt 0/100
#15 RPG Rede Paradox RPG (Servidor 1) [Android/PC] 95/300
#16 TDM Call of Duty MW3 [TDM DMS EVENTS] 7/200
#17 Drift [BG] Drift Power [0.3.7] 1/50
#18 RP Plan B: Protect The President 10/96
#19 RP [ENG] WTLS 2 - 2x more XP and RP! 251/400
#20 RPG B-Zone RPG 841/1000
#21 RP Brasil Play Shox RPG (Servidor 2) [Android/PC] 295/803
#22 RP [BS] Balkan School | Vinewood | 603/1000
#23 RP Underground Roleplay #1 | Eagle Vision Group 312/500
#24 RP [DEV] - {0.3.7-R2} Xtreme Paradise Stunters - O.o 0/200
#25 Race Absolute Role Play | Platinum | GTA-SAMP.COM 1000/1000

SAMP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which allows users to play with each other via the Internet or a local network.
Monitoring - service monitoring the situation on the SAMP servers (online, statistics, uptime, reviews, ratings, etc.).

Play GTA San Andreas over the network on your favorite servers!
Role Play [RP], Role Play [RPG], Death Math [TDM], Death Match [DM], RACE, DRIFT, STUNT, SURVIVAL.
The current versions of SAMP: 0.3.7-R2, 0.3z, 0.3x, 0.3e.

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Republic Gaming - Freeroa..
A friendly SA:MP community of people who like play SA:MP - chill-out, kick-back an relax. ✌ In this server you can buy a car, house, business, join a faction like a gang (grove, ballas, aztecas, vagos) ,mafia, police or just do in-game jobs to make money for living. We also host different types of events like roadtrip,race,car show, derby, death match and other. Free VIP for our most active & loyal players.
xenemyxlvlv at 08:12

[ENG] Valrise RPG [Est. 2..
Fun community,fun jobs,fun people all around,fun activities,responsive staff. I highly recommend this server! So much fun awaits you!
Elfin at 00:10

[ENG] Valrise RPG [Est. 2..
Fun community, nice maps, responsive management team. Great server to enjoy
ValiP at 00:04

GTA - Vinsmoke Role Play ..
HostName: [Open.MP][Beta] Virtual Reality Roleplay Address: Players: 6 / 100 Ping: 80 Mode: VR:RP v1.0(b) Language: EN
itsSammy at 16:14

[ENG] Sunset Roleplay [Ha..
Moved to will still work, but numerical IP has changed
Proxus at 04:54

eu quero ne pai peraii - 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
xINSANOx at 05:46

[ENG] Valrise RPG [Est. 2..
Very nice server with lots of active players and very solid scripts/maps. They got a decent staff team as well, will recommend the server.
KalKor at 13:35