0.3.7-R2 SAMP Server Rating List

Servers version 0.3.7-R2 online:
# Genre
#1 Drift DriftGodZ - Real Life Drift 0/100
#2 RP .: uL | 42O DayZ [Survival] [Zombies] :. 0/200
#3 Stunt ~ Online Rekord: 3 / 60 | Csatlakoz 2/60
#4 RP [BETA] Zombie Outbreak Roleplay [zosamp.uk] play.zosamp.uk:7777 0/50
#5 RPG [ENG] Valrise Roleplay [Summer Games] 39/250
#6 RP Mini Games Server 3/50
#7 DM GTA Torcidas - [PC/Android] [PT/BR] server.gtatorcidas.net:2009 12/998
#8 RP Dozdo Police Iran [Luxury GaminG] (0.3.7) sv.lgsamp.ir:7777 2/200
#9 TDM Zombie Outbreak Team Deathmatch [zosamp.uk] play.zosamp.uk:7778 0/50
#10 RP Plan B: Protect The President 0/96
#11 DM Grand Thought Cops And Robbers [Ultra-H.com] 0/30
#12 TDM ... || ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE || ... 13/50
#13 RP Indian Ocean Roleplay TM [Released] server.iorp.in:7777 3/100
#14 RPG B-Zone RPG1 405/1000
#15 RP Name not available 4/100
#16 RP littlewhitey's Deathmatch/Freeroam/Race 0/101
#17 RPG BGL RP/G: Todos os jogadores foram desbanidos. ip.brasilgamerlife.com.br:7777 7/200
#18 RPG [EN] Argonath RPG [Fort Carson] 2/100
#19 RP .:: United Reallife ::. | We Are Back! [Statsback] united-reallife.de:7777 0/50
#20 TDM [0.3.7] Call of Duty Resurrection | TDM 0/100
#21 RP ..::[RP]RolePlayGame::.. [RU/UA/EN] (0.3.7) 0/100
#22 RP Los Santos - Juego de Rol [samp.ls-rp.es] 11/400
#23 RP Brasil Play Shox RPG (Servidor 1) [Android/PC] ip1.brasilplayshox.com.br:7777 239/800
#24 RPG GreenSide.lt | Summer Event 2021! samp.greenside.lt:7777 7/300
#25 RP .:: [D.S.Z] Die Sieben Zwerge Reallife ::. 0/500

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Grand Thought Cops And Ro..
Wow Nice Server
Killer at 09:17

[ENG] Asiania RPG [ON GOI..
The best ever server. Admin staff is also kind and not biased many new missions and situations added which are not present is other servers
Rehman at 13:20

[EN] Welcome to Los Santo..
Best server I've played on. I've played since 2018, but I stopped playing in 2019, although I just started playing again now, and I can say this server is amazing at adding new content consistently. To sum the server up, it is basically a better version of gta online: Better player base, more features, more players on one server. The server has it all: DM, heists, races, events, survival, missions and many singleplayer features! The Best Samp server!
SophosUser at 04:58

San Andreas Cops And Robb..
cel mai prost server de samp din cocaina chiar daca nu e din romania
milsugi at 17:49

[BCP - RP ] Brasil Cidade..
Ban_samp at 21:50

Arizona Role Play | Limon..
топ дали лидерку
Makson9763163 at 20:57

[EN] Welcome to Los Santo..
Do you know what happened to this server? It's been offline for days, very sad, it's my favorite one :(
Pm7_the_best at 11:35