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For several days the server was unavailable, and was automatically moved to the "Inactive", Click Here to activate the server.

IP Address: Server Status: Offline
Players: 0 / 0 Type: RP
Version: 0.3.7-R2 Language: English
Gamemode: - Weather: Blue sky
Players' record: 257 players Rating: 17 votes
Server site:
Date added: 2020-06-14 14:14:29
Last update: 2023-02-24 17:20:13

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EN : Indonesia Roleplay is a Next Gen server based on FiveM. Our goal in this project is to make this server based on FiveM with various features available on large servers such as Exodus, SOI, Kota Kita, and IndoPride. We will discuss various features with members so that a sense of solidarity and togetherness with members is well established.

ID : Indonesia Roleplay merupakan server Next Gen dengan dasar FiveM. Tujuan kami pada project ini adalah menjadikaan server ini berbasis FiveM dengan berbagai fitur-fitur yang ada pada berbagai server-server besar seperti Exodus, SOI, Kota Kita, dan IndoPride. Berbagai fitur akan kami diskusikan dengan para member sehingga rasa solidaritas dan kebersamaan terhadap member terjalin dengan baik.

Link Discord : Discord

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Moved to will still work, but numerical IP has changed
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Very nice server with lots of active players and very solid scripts/maps. They got a decent staff team as well, will recommend the server.
KalKor at 13:35

Best Drift Community
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[ENG] Sunset Roleplay [Ha..
such a good server
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Best srver ever WOOOOO
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