RG-Indo Roleplay - SAMP Server

For several days the server was unavailable, and was automatically moved to the "Inactive", Click Here to activate the server.

IP Address: Server Status: Offline
Players: 0 / 0 Type: RP
Version: 0.3.7-R2 Language: Indonesia/Inggris
Gamemode: - Weather: Blue sky
Players' record: 15 players Rating: 1 votes
Server site: Not specified
Date added: 2020-09-14 19:27:29
Last update: 2020-11-04 18:50:09

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Kyeawo Project Roleplay

Kyeawo Project Roleplay adalah sebuah Server SAMP (San Andreas Multi Player) dengan mode Roleplay, yang artinya para pemain seakan-akan menjalankan sebuah Peran (role) yang akan dimainkan (play).

Server ini memiliki banyak fitur lengkap dan menarik, mulai dari Job yang banyak hingga Fraksi badside & goodside yang dapat menambah suasana permainan Roleplay anda semakin realistis. Perekonomian yang cukup stabil membuat para pemula di server ini dapat memenuhi kebutuhan hidupnya dengan mudah.

The server owner has disabled the ability to write reviews.

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Guys this server is still beta and still working in progress.i hope that,you guys won't hate this server .
JoshParker at 10:08

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Goood for everyone!
DarkKNight at 12:37

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Server paling mantappppppp, rekomen main dsni gesss
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Good and Nice this Server
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Fun server and Admins is very kind
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Wow Nice Server
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The best ever server. Admin staff is also kind and not biased many new missions and situations added which are not present is other servers
Rehman at 13:20