NEW IP - SAMP Server

For several days the server was unavailable, and was automatically moved to the "Inactive", Click Here to activate the server.

IP Address: Server Status: Offline
Players: 0 / 0 Type: RP
Version: 0.3.7-R2 Language: English
Gamemode: - Weather: Blue sky
Players' record: 0 players Rating: 0 votes
Server site:
Date added: 2023-04-07 02:21:10
Last update: 2023-05-15 18:50:15

Bonus to level Bonus to money Full RP Gang Wars RolePlay RPG
Game Mode version - 1.2.1

New Features

Lottery system use /lotto help ingame to check commands and admin level 5 can use /startlotto

Fallout event added use /startevent to start it

Random messages and bot system use /botsay to use custom text.

Discord system added

All factions headquarters shifted to ls + jobs

Mysql saving system

Robbery system added use /createsafe(rcon) to createsafe and /editsafe(rcon) to editsafes and /rob(for players to rob safes)

Gps system use /gps to find all buildings & /gpsclose to turn it off

Map icons added

Special flashes for ems like a cop and ambulance cars (use /flash)

You can use "Y" to turn off and on the engine except of using /engine

Prices of vehicles changed in the dealership

Added /announce and /ann command for admins

Most of the things are now dynamic

New jobs - Courier job, Sweeper job & flight job (Courier and Flight job are in beta version)

Anti ping system. Players having ping more than 1000 will automatically get kicked

The white list system is currently disabled and removed from the scripts

Changed security system

The player will hear a welcome song when they connect

Christmas mapping is done near town hall ls + snowfall



HostName: RG Clan Freeroam/Roleplay




HostName: RG Clan Freeroam/Roleplay


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